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Recent News:

New Class: Cardio Kickboxing - Saturdays 10:30. Classes conducted by Sifu Kenny Perez at North Phoenix Baptist Church. Click here for details.

North American Wushu Association (NAWA)


NAWA was established to promote the art of Wushu and Kung fu and to aid in its advancement. To help individual martial artists and schools realize their full potential as well as provide them with resources and instruction at a world class level under the supervision of Master Kenny Perez and his associates.  NAWA brochure

World Class Training


Bullying has become a major problem for children today. Statistics show that more than 160,000 students skip school every day because they feel threatened. Read more about bullying.

Our students are national champions. Children's class builds strong foundation.

Receive training from Mr. Perez through classroom instruction,
training videos or by hosting a workshop. The classroom program is
based on the student's goals. Structured on a progressive step-by-step curriculum that provides a well-rounded education of Martial arts. The knowledge gained through this program complements all aspects of life. The experience is exciting, challenging and rewarding! More

Cyber Wushu Training Program

Dynamic Wushu has launched this Cyber Wushu program with the intent of making World class wushu available to anyone who wants to learn. This program is designed to take the individual from a beginner level student to a Black sash level and beyond. The Program will give those students in places with no proper Wushu instruction available to still learn in the comfort of their own home. More

Performances and Workshops

DMA is available to perform at any event. Large or small, public
or private,our demo team is sure to please. Master Perez is also available to conduct workshops for your group. Call us at 623-332-8632 for more information. More

Kenny Perez and Jet Li

Sifu Kenny and Jet Li

Did you know that Mr. Perez trained along side of Li Lian Jie (Jet Li) and the Beijing Wushu team? Kenny is pictured here with Coach Wu Bin, Jet Li and Donny Yen. Later, Kenny had the opportunity to work with Jet Li, appearing in the movie “Dragon Fight", Kenny was cast as a gang member hired to take out Jet. This picture Kenny is fighting Jet using a spear. Kenny also had the opportunity to double for Jet after he was injured while performing a stunt.

DMA In Action


Events Schedule:

October 1:
Chen Zhong Hua Tai Chi Workshop - call for info

October 1:
DMA demo at Phx" Kids Get Fit" Expo Longview Elementary School 11:45 am

October 1:
Dragon Boat Festival - Tempe AZ 2:00 pm

October 7:
MIM Musical Instrument Museum 7:00 pm

October 8:
Tempt One Kung Fu Tournament, Pasadena CA

October 21:
Chen Zhiqiang Tai Chi Workshop ASU all day call for info

October 22:
Wushu Championships Tournament Hermsillo Mexico

November 3:
American Express Asian celebration

November 3:
Wushu Championships Tournament Hermsillo Mexico

November 4-5:
Master Perez Workshop Indianapolis IN

November 18:
Haiti Mission Trip

December 2:
Fiesta Of Light Wushu demo Float display-NPBC

December 3:
Asian American festival Tempe AZ 11am

December 3:
Fiesta of Light Parade North Phoenix Baptist Church

December 5-9:
Mexico City DMA workshop

December 9:
World Martial Arts Academy Demo 6pm

Fiesta Bowl Parade

February 25:
Chinese New Year demo Tempe

February 25:
Senior Olympics Tai Chi Competition

February 25:
Tale of Two Cities Parade

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